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From Print to Augmented Reality

A beautiful 8 min. animated documentary by Melih Bilgil

Part 3: The diversification of information age
There is much to say about the Internet, but in broad terms it is nothing more then a network or networks, ever growing, ever expanding. With the technological advances in the recent years, we come from owning a personal computer to multiple Internet-enabled devices. From TV’s, gaming consoles, work laptops, home computers, tablets, media centres, smart phones and the list goes on.

Printing Industries Slowly Dying
Yellow Pages are now less then half the size of what they used to be. The Age – a major Australian newspaper – had just sold its headquarters due to their diminishing sales in recent years. The printed directory maps are a real commodity these days. The printing industry is not looking good at all. The less we buy paper products, the less demand will be, hence the price of paper may soon increase due to the lack of demand. 

However, we still need paper. At least for when we do some cleaning or go to the bathroom…

Cheeky Ad for Le Trèfle toilet paper

My.2.Cents: Shopping at your fingertips
So who will be next that will be affected by the Internet devices and faster download speeds? The fashion industry. Why bother go shopping when you can purchase online with free delivery, 24/7 customer service and free returns policy with no questions asked?

I like this idea of shopping, searching, doing all tasks at the click of my devices, but I still can’t see myself buying all my clothes online. Not yet anyways. Who knows? Maybe augmented reality would change that?

To be continued next week (part4, Why Augmented Reality?)…