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From Print to Augmented Reality

Part 5: Loneliness 101
As for the final part of the series, rather then draw my own conclusions I have compiled a short list of videos showcasing our near future. If you wish to draw conclusions of how your future would look like, pay close attention to the newspapers, music, tv, eCommerce and augmented reality.

A Day Made of Glass. Technologies available today.

Future vision 2020 – Microsoft

The Internet of Things – Dr. John Barrett (TEDx Talks)

From Print to Augmented Reality

Part 4: Why Augmented Reality?
Interactive Multimedia, 3D Sound, Glass Monitors, Smart Clothing, Smart Materials and Augmented Reality, are just a few technologies that are setting the standard for the next generations.

IKEA using augmented reality

Advertising & Ecommerce Power-Up

Augmented Reality is very much reality but augmented when looking through a smart mobile, tablet or Google Glass. The apps that have already taken advantage of augmented reality had proven to be very interactive, even entertaining.

My.2.Cents: e-Commerce e-Commerce e-Commerce
I believe the retail industry would be affected by the Augmented Reality. The ability to place a new piece of furniture in your room, paint the room walls or even trying on different clothes in a augmented reality environment, would turn the retail industry upside down. eCommerce would become very interactive and possibly much cheaper to maintain then a retail shop.

I don’t really like this part about the future. One third of the population has Vitamin D deficiency due to the lack of sun. The convenience of augmented reality and its e-Commerce experience gives us less and less reason to get out of the house. The shopping experience, the touch, feel and the smell of the products will surely be missed if the shopping centres would close due to the lack of business. So, how would a day would look like in the near future?

The coming 2014 U.S. Retail Apocalypse

To be continued next week (last part, Loneliness 101)