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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: Something to be proud of at work!
With the infusion of social media in the recent years, an increasing amount of companies have become more exposed to publicity. In the past, public relations companies were able to help via the radio, tv, newspapers and magazines. With the introduction of blogs and social media, companies are now more visible then ever before.

This is where Corporate Social Responsibility comes in. Being in the news about doing good and serving the community, it can only help with creating a positive brand awareness and a better work environment for employees. Obviously this all comes to the execution of the strategy and that is why we have proudly sponsored “WDC Group” a few months back with their current website. Yes, WDC we love your work!!!

Are you helping a charity organisation, a sports group or a community organisation? If so, this month we are offering one year shared hosting towards your favourite organisation. Tell us a little bit about your cause on our Facebook page for a chance to win this small sponsorship package. We will announce the winners on 1st September 2014.